Trump’s New Daughter

It’s been nearly a week. An emotional week at that. As a country, we are all at odds with one another. Fueled by social media, life-long friends are becoming enemies, and no matter which social media platform we choose, all are rife with hate-filled political posts and rants. Riots are breaking out all over the county, and it truly seems we are on the brink of a major civil unrest, if not all-out war.

I totally understand the disappointment Clinton supporters are feeling right now.  It’s not just that their candidate lost, it’s really not that at all. It’s a loss of something much greater. It’s a feeling of loss for what Hillary Clinton stood for: Gender equality, racial equality, marriage equality, and so much more. It’s as if we, as a nation, especially those of us in who are not white males, were suddenly jack-slapped back into our rightful “places”. It’s demoralizing, and depressing.

I’ve thought about the state of our country and marginalized people for the past few days, and have wondered what is going to happen to our country. Are we going to become a nation where bigotry and discrimination are once again allowed, and possibly even encouraged by our new President-elect, Donald Trump?

So far, it seems to look that way. Hate crimes are being reported all over the country. Racial slurs have been brought out of hiding and are seemingly in full use once again. But wait a minute…although these things are happening now, in the raw newness of the election, I believe what will happen over time will be a great and amazing thing. I believe as a nation, we will witness the transformation of one of the most influential people in the country. A man known for racial slurs, poor treatment of low-wage employees, the subjugation and mistreatment of women, and a habit of opening his mouth and allowing any sort of garbage to spew out. Donald Trump is going to have to bend over backwards to win over the majority of the population who voted against him.

Trump is now in the hot-seat. He has to watch what he says. He cannot discriminate…it is against the law. He cannot grab women by the pussy…he will go to jail. As a nation, everything we have fought for and now fear to lose, will suddenly be even more scrutinized by everyone.  As the nation prayed to vote in Donald Trump, a man predicted to lose, we watched as electoral numbers in his favor rose higher and higher. I think God knew what she was doing by allowing Donald Trump to become our next president. Stepping into that role, he has a new adopted daughter…the United States of America. We are a proud people, a progressive people, who have fought hard against discrimination and victimization in all of it’s various forms. Mr. Trump now has an unwillful, out-spoken, wild child that he cannot quiet by a menacing look or threatening to remove them from his will. Nope, to get along with us, and keep his new position, he will have to undergo a transformation of such magnitude that it will go down in history. God has not abandoned us, he has simply given us, his children, a new and greater platform on which to spread peace and love to all the world. Let’s remember that, and start today to do our part to make sure our new step-dad tows the line.



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