Fall Farm Updates

It’s a very warm early October morning, and I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment. I have two old vehicles, one is a 1990 Chevy S10 pickup, and the other is a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant. Neither of these vehicles are working at the moment, although I am hopeful that by next week, both of them will be back on the road.
Last week, for the first time, I lost a young goat to some sort of predator. Nobody knows for sure what it was. There were two dogs in the goat field when it happened. They woke me up barking, but I never could see anything. The next day I found a long drag mark through the woods where something had carried off my little wether friend, Woody. I couldn’t find any blood, hair, sign of a struggle, etc. Just a hole under the fence where a coyote could have got him under…and trees along the fence line where a cougar might have been able to jump into a tree and then over the fence…that goat was pretty heavy though, so I just don’t know. I got a game camera in the mail yesterday, but it didn’t come with an SD card or the 8 AA batteries it needs to work, so I have to find a way to get to town and get those.
I love being home on the farm. There are so many things that need doing, and now I can get started on them. I’ll be behind when I get back to work, and will have to catch up, but at least I can get started on my fall projects…fencing and barn cleaning being the two highest on the list, followed closely by brush cutting so I can see what kind of wild creatures are coming up to the back fence, and keeping the yard clean of chestnuts. I have a big pile to start burning today. I cannot eat those things. They taste terrible and even though I like growing my own food, the work it takes to get to the wormy nut inside would only be worth it if I were starving.
I’ve cut my outside workload at the grooming shop down quite a bit and have had more time to make soap! And not a moment too soon because folks are shopping for Christmas already. I admire anyone who can be done Christmas shopping by Christmas eve. I hope to be done early this year….we’ll see. LOL
Well, there isn’t too much other farm news to report….except there is that guinea hen situation….My lavender Guinea Hen is sitting on 15 unfertlized eggs. This morning she was cooing to them and chirping like she had hatched some of the six-month-old eggs out, so I went out to check, and nope, she is mean as a grizzly bear, but the only thing under her are 15 stinking rotten guniea eggs….which I plan to steal and throw into the woods if she ever gets off that nest today.
Oh, and this summer I managed to adopt 4 extra cats from the town dump and the middle of the road. Actually, there were 3 more kittens but I found homes for them so I am up to six cats. It was taking three litter boxes to keep up with all six cats but I am patting myself on the back for un-taping a broken window and putting a table in front of it, so all the cats except the one small kitten are going out into the yard to poop! ONE litter box is now all I need for emergencies and the baby…I am feeling pretty smug about that. And although I wouldn’t wish SIX cats on anyone, they have killed 2 mice in the past week….and only vomited one of them up on my bed. They are hell on some wolf spiders too, which have been getting in the house somehow, but that is almost cancelled out by the fact that they are bringing cicadas in the house to play with. Wheww those things are noisy! And at least one of them got away and now lives under the washing machine, which doesn’t work. So it almost seems like I’m sitting outside when I am actually just sitting at my dinning room table…getting chewed up by mosquitoes which are coming in through the open cat window. I guess there is a downside to almost everything.


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