Easy Kombucha Growing For Dummies

Making Kombucha used to be a royal pain in my already busy weekly schedule. I bought special bottles, did second fermentations, added fruits and fermented again, strained, studied, made tea and forgot about it, etc. Often, my Kombucha did not even get made for weeks at a time. My health suffered. I needed a better way. The lazy woman’s way. And I stumbled across it completely by accident, while trying yet another method, the continuous brew method.

I bought a large vessel with a spigot at Walmart, on sale and hoped to make a continuous batch of Kombucha that would not require rinsing, washing, etc. each week. The first week my spigot got plugged with Kombucha goo and refused to work ever again. So I started doing what a lazy woman would do, and ladling the Kombucha from the top of the vessel. I got all sorts of stringy stuff in my ladel, but guess what I am doing with my Kombucha? Making smoothies. Who cares if smoothies have lots of pro-biotic rich strings floating around? Not me. The blender takes care of all that.

I do not drink Kombucha straight. I much prefer water. But each morning, I consume approximately 16 or more ounces of Kombucha, in the form of liquid in my smoothies, and it is totally awesome! Sometimes I add pieces of Kombucha mother-scoby, and it makes no difference at all in my smoothie.

The Scoby’s in my large vessel are enormous now, but when I add another gallon of tea, it takes only a couple of days for it to ferment, instead of a week or more. The kombucha in this vessel is rather strong, but in smoothies, it adds the perfect degree of tartness.

I may not be a Kombucha expert, but this method has worked for me for months now, with very little effort on my part.  Have YOU discovered easier ways of brewing and consuming Kombucha? If so, please share in the comments, and have a great Kombucha day!


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