1169118_1522245651405994_1040932946_a       My name is Anita and I run the show around here…mostly…sometimes my Pomeranian, Skippy, takes to thinking he is boss dog, so I let him take over for awhile, but once we get back to business, I get to tell everyone what to do and when to do it….the goat girls (and boys) get fed and milked at 6am and 6pm…unless they take to screaming for me earlier, and then I will get right on that. The horses are kept in a pasture, and NOT allowed to get out and trample the pumpkin patch, but if they do, I’ll happily replant it for the fourth time in the season. Chickens are required to lay eggs every day, but if they don’t, they will be treated to an extra heat lamp at night, and warm food with goats milk twice a day until they start laying again…and sometimes that takes until summer. The dogs stay in the yard, and do not run around the neighborhood, unless they feel like it, especially since they are hound mixes and feel like they must join in with any and all hunting packs of dogs that traverse through our neighborhood. They’ve been taught to ignore the shouts and curses of angry hunters whose big game they just spooked off while they were trying to get the hunting hounds to play ball with them. The one cat of the farm, Burgler, who was aptly named for her penchant for stealing keys and money out of the pockets of loosley-pantsed folks who drop by for afternoon tea, is second in command to yours truly, and sometimes she completely takes over, like when I am birthing kids and covered in goat goo…she uses that opportunity to harass the birds at the feeders and usually delivers one or two fresh carcasses to each newborn baby goat. I have explained to her, that much like the baby Jesus, they would probably prefer Frankincense and Myrrh. She claims she doesn’t know where to purchase that. Whatever. We hope you will look around our farm and business blog and comment and share anything you feel moved to. Thank you for visiting, and Welcome.