About Our Goats

Our goats are a royal pain in the a**…um I mean they are wonderful, loving animals who are always kind to each other and never come in the house when I am not looking and tip over the trash can or jump on the sofa…no, they never do that. Our goats are beautiful, registered Alpine Dairy Goats who give us a lot of milk…even when I am trying desperately to dry them off because my hands are aching and there is enough milk in the freezer to last for 2 years worth of soap making…yep, it is at that time they seem to increase in production even more, and then keep it up for years without re-breeding. Imagine milking twice a day, year in and year out, never getting a break, with goats just laughing at you and screaming for their grain and milking sessions twice a day. Yep, that’s our girls. We love them. Most of them. Some of them we just tolerate. Like Jenny, who no matter how high you hang the milk bucket, she can always reach higher, and drink/spill the contents of the entire thing…sometimes over top of my head, but only if I have just washed my hair. And then there is Mikey. Mikey hates dogs, cats, chickens, baby goats, all other herd members, and children of visitors to the farm. She will head-butt, stare-down, and knock-down anybody she feels moved to. One time she sent a little long haired boy flying through the air, hair streaming behind him, just like Matilda in the movie when Miss Trunchbull pitched her over the flower patch. She gets very hussy-like with men visitors and blubbers all over them like a fool. I’m not sure if she loves them or hates them, but she is definitely attentive to them. One thing I AM certain about with Mikey, is that she loves ME. There is no doubt about that. She was my first dairy goat and I raised her from a bottle. She is my mother and she does not let me, or any of her herdmates forget that.  I am special.

There are 6 other members of the milking herd. They are Ciara, Mikey’s grand-daughter and herd runt, Miley, Ciara’s mother and Mikey’s daughter, Jetaime, my second-oldest, and most voluminous milker in the herd, Cherry, the best-behaved goat of the bunch, Jordan, Jetaimes daughter who is three years old and will kid for the first time this year, and then there is Celina. Celina and her son, are the loudest-mouthed goats I have ever had. They are the ones who make sure feedings and milkings happen on time, and sometimes demand extra grain between feedings. Celina is the largest goat in the herd and regularly knocks down gates when I am not punctual enough. Her son is the smallest goat in the herd due to his sire, who is a tiny Nigerian Dwarf.

We also have a buck named Elijah, who is a very young, but very sweet guy who came with some terrific bloodlines and a hefty price tag. We love him to pieces and the kids he has produced so far have been gorgeous. We also have a few wethered males. Finland, who thinks he is a horse, and lives with the horses. Wedgy….poor Wedgy. Wedgy has issues in his rear end making it difficult for him to get up and down, but even though he is grumpy and always has a mad look on his face, he gets to stay because nobody else would want him.

And that about covers our herd, except for the kids. We often have kids for sale. If you are interested in a buck, a doe, or a wether, please contact me and I will let you know what we have available.