Chicken Tenders


For a quick and easy dinner the whole family will love, try these simple breaded chicken strips. These particular strips were made by a good friend of mine, and they looked so delicious I thought I would share them.┬áIf you don’t have your own home-raised chicken in your freezer, you can pick up a pack of pre-cut chicken strips at the grocery store, like these, and they will work just fine.

Simply rinse the strips and pat them dry, then coat them with flour and your choice of seasonings. Salt and pepper works great, as does a poultry rub or seasoning salt. Fry each strip in approx. one inch (or even less) of vegetable oil. They take only a couple minutes per side.

Drain on paper towels, get out the honey-mustard or barbecue sauce, and enjoy a quick and delicious chicken dinner!




Baby Goats!

Is there anything more adorable than baby goats? This little girl’s name is Snowflake and she is the daughter of our Ciara and Elijah, both registered Alpine Dairy Goats. She is one of our keeper does and will be the fourth generation of this line. Her dam, grand-dam, and great, great, grand-dam all live here on the farm and are all currently in milk. All three of these girls can milk for several years without being re-bred. I don’t actually know how many years they can go but Mikey went 5 years (and was actually “dried” off twice when she had false pregnancies), and both Miley and Ciara went three years without being re-bred or kidding. All three girls finally started to dry off when they became heavy bred this year, but before that, I could not get them to dry up, so gave up. We’ve enjoyed a once-a-day milking schedule with them and plenty of year-round milk for soap making.